ESCS-U20 Wired Code Scanner

ESCS-U20 is a handheld image 1D&2D barcode scanner, with advanced image processing technology and high efficient transmission technology, the device can easily read a variety of 1D and 2D code. Equipped with auxiliary lighting, it can be used even without lighting conditions. Handheld design is easy to read barcode in any direction with fast scanning speed and high efficiency.
It supports barcode on paper, LCD screen or mobile screen and special barcode with damage or distortion.


ESCS-QR80 Barcode Payment Box

QR80 is a CMOS image barcode payment box, which supports Windows and Android operating systems. It can connect with cashier equipment, computers, and other devices, which is used for scanning code payment scenarios. The product has a large scanning window, supporting 1D&2D barcode scanning. QR80 scan box is suitable for small businesses where scanning payment is required. It is a successful application of the IOT & payment.


eSecuLS-LS08 Cloud Speaker

LS08 cloud speaker is a merchant cashier auxiliary equipment, after cloud speaker is bind to cashier system , it can broadcast real-time payment information of customer, which helps merchants to confirm customer payment result without checking the cashier system.It is suitable for frequent transactions and apply to small shops, shopping malls, supermarkets, night markets, etc.


ESPT-100 Thermal Receipt Printer

The ESPT-100 is a high-speed thermal printer, which can print 58mm receipt, coupon, take-out order and invoice. The ESPT-100 is equipped with auto cutter and high-speed printing technology. It supports USB, WiFi, and 4G to used in different usage scenarios.



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